Making Sense of Managed Network Services

If there has been a panache of sorts in the use and implementation of technology, it has to be the role played by the specialists in each of the operational areas.  It is with the aim of offering greater focus to the needs of modern communication systems that the role of managed network services came about. Often the need for higher levels of technical competence has made the simple application of new technology that much more demanding on those involved in the field.  

In plain speak the managed network services can be broadly dealt with as VOIP services.  The feature of the service is the reliance on cutting-edge technology to bring in operational benefits to the user at all levels.  It would be pertinent here to focus on the benefits that the customer gets to be offered. Luckily, OneNet Global specializes in managed telecommunication and IT management services. 

Lowered cost of operation

The public as a whole would be aware that long distance calls can be made cheaply with the use of managed networks.  This could be the most visible effect of the use of cutting telecommunication technology in actual life situations. With most corporations and enterprises using some of the most potent platforms around to help manage and control the functioning of the businesses would call for the use some of the most affordable means of communication.  

Where the VOIP networks score over is in the use of communication by the devices and machines that get to run a business.  This could typically be the servers used to store data as well as the communication lines laid out to network the various offices and premises of the enterprise. In fact, what used to be a purview of the larger companies have been made accessible to the small business too with the adoption of cheaper modes of communications.  

Better on times for the networks

As has been discussed above, the managed networks are but an outsourced form of network management.  The firms and people that are involved in keeping the systems functioning are also in most cases the experts in the field of work.  For instance, a manufacturing facility for tires would be far away in technological capability when compared to the skill sets required to run the networked systems.  Thus the natural thing to do would be to entrust the administration of the networks to the specialists who go about implementing communication solutions at various premises.  

So the net effect is that the networks are in possibly the most competent of people to run the systems and hence would work on an always on time. Thus there is improved stability and reliability of the systems involved for the most parts.  

The need for better security

The banks and financial institutions are a group that would insist on being provided with the most secure communication systems.  That the security of systems being used is paramount to the efficient working of the financial system and every effort is expended to have the most sanitized of networks.  

With the managed network services, there is hardly any breach of security at any of the locations at any time.  Most management that runs the networked systems that banks and institutions operate on are secure beyond the violation, no matter how dangerous an attempt is made.  The specialized role that network administrators on a real-time basis, monitoring and controlling the access of the network would ensure that the security is in the most capable hands.  

Better quality of service

One of the features of the managed network services is the fact that the network is available 99.99% of the time.  The figure stated does produce the occasional disbelief as often people would get to wonder how such a high operational on time can be achieved.  What the number of 99.99 does is to state the obvious that there is never a break in the network.

There can be no denying the strong role played by the maintenance crew to keep the network open and working even in the most trying times.  It is standard practice for the networks to use the most recent innovations and methods to achieve the better quality of service to the customer.

It is an established and confirmed fact that the specialists are more focused on a job than the laymen and it is in the interests of those working with the advanced communication networks to keep abreast of the most happening developments around the world and at most occasions too.

Handling the temporary situations

Let us consider the server network that services the e-commerce platforms.  From time to time there are the sales and promotional activities that get to bring in multiple times the traffic to the installed systems as compared to the standard conditions.  It would only be proper that the system is designed to handle this possibility as best as could be done.

A feature that needs to be pointed out here is the fact that there are a number of companies and businesses that use a single network.  So when one of the constituents needs some extra space, the low activity areas of some of the other people that are on the same system are transferred to the current need.  

This is why a managed telecommunication network can offer value to the customer without adding extra capacity to the network.  Most network designers do work with the need to provide for the slack capabilities to cater to this very phenomenon.


One of the most promising contributors to the use of the managed telecom networks is the possibility that the experts in each situation can contribute a lot more to keep the systems open than someone who has among other duties the administration of the networks.  

But what is important when choosing a service provider to operate the networked systems, is the situation that is being sought to be addressed.  Cost is an overriding factor and equally important is the need to be up and running right around the clock.

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