Season Four

87. New Lady in Town

To raise the needed money, Blake sells his assets and mortgages the mansion. In a heated confrontation with Alexis, Tracy quits. Tracy tells Alexis of her ongoing affair with Dex. Alexis is again questioned by the police, who want the details of her affair with Mark. Fallon suffers another painful headache. Sammy Jo informs Steven she intends to stay in Denver and take custody of Danny. An unknown, beautiful woman, Dominique Devereaux, sweeps into La Mirage demanding the finest accommodations. When she attempts to question Fallon about Alexis, Fallon grows suspicious.

Broadcast: 02-May-1984

Info Alert: Diahann Carroll joins the cast as Dominique Deveraux.

88. The Nightmare

Alexis suffers recurring nightmares about Mark's death. Kirby again tries to kill Alexis. When she is unable to pull the trigger, Alexis offers to remain silent in exchange for Kirby's agreement to leave Adam. The truth behind the attempt to unhinge Claudia is revealed. Sammy Jo seduced Hess into handling it, and has returned to him now to solicit his help in regaining her child. In preparation for the wedding, Alexis and Krystle visit the same beauty salon. The two women exchange words, and a mud-slinging melee ensues. While dressing for the wedding, Fallon is gripped by a seizure. She drives off as the ceremony is about to take place. The police arrive and arrest Alexis for the murder of Mark Jennings.

Broadcast: 09-May-1984

Season 5

89. Disappearance

Following a serious traffic accident, Fallon mysteriously vanishes. Dex and Steven bail Alexis out of jail. Sammy Jo attempts to seduce Adam. Alexis flatters Adam by suggesting he work with her defense attorney, Warren Ballard. Dominique's husband Brady arrives at La Mirage and finds his wife suddenly interested in staying in Denver. Steven accuses his mother of killing Mark Jennings and ruining Blake's business. Despite her pleas, Steven tells his father everything. Steven orders Sammy Jo from the mansion. She counters by promising she'll sue for custody of Danny. After duping Adam into letting Danny ride along with her to the airport, Sammy Jo dashes off, kidnapping her son.

Broadcast: 26-Sep-1984

90. The Mortgage
Guest Stars: Peter Mark Richman (Andrew Laird) Clive Revill (Warren Ballard) James Karen (Avril Dawson) Jon Cedar (Sgt. Roscoe) Philip Abbott (Lawler)

Steven accuses Adam of conspiring with Sammy Jo to kidnap Danny. Blake arranges to take out a mortgage on the mansion. He little suspects Alexis has signed the note and will become the owner if he defaults. A cross-country search for Fallon has developed few leads. Warren Ballard and Adam prepare Alexis' defense. Dominique Deveraux makes her singing debut at La Mirage, with Blake and Krystle in attendance. Krystle quickly senses Dominique's hostility toward Blake. Brady declines the Carrington's hospitality as well. Jeff finds a truck driver who gave Fallon a lift to Portland, Oregon, the night of the accident.

Broadcast: 10-Oct-1984

91. Fallon
Guest Stars: Kevin McCarthy (Billy Waite) Clive Revill (Warren Ballard) Dana Kimmell (Emily) John Reilly (J.J.) Fausto Bara (Lt. Lopez) Liam Sullivan (Brother Leo) Curtis Credel (Earl)

To secure financing for his bankrupt company, Blake arranges to see Billy Waite, a notoriously underhanded oil man. Jeff continues his search for Fallon. Impatient with the progress her lawyer is making on her defense, Alexis fires Warren Ballard and retains Adam. Alexis visits Billy Waite in South America under the guise of concern about Blake's misfortunes. As she prepares to leave, the police arrive. She is arrested for fleeing to avoid prosecution and led away by the police. At an isolated religious retreat, Jeff learns Fallon is dead and that she died along with Peter DeVilbis.

Broadcast: 17-Oct-1984

92. The Rescue
Guest Stars: Virginia Capers (Aunt Bessie) Heather Locklear (Sammy Jo Carrington)

In Seattle, Jeff and Blake learn the woman who died in the plane crash with Peter DeVilbis cannot be positively identified, but the ring she was wearing is indeed Fallon's wedding band. Jeff creates a scene at Fallon's funeral. Steven meets Sammy Jo in Los Angeles, where she demands payment of $3O,OOO per month for Danny's return. After Claudia points out his behavior only isolates him from the family, Adam is moved to action. Adam breaks into Sammy Jo's motel room and retrieves little Danny.

Broadcast: 24-Oct-1984

93. The Trial
Guest Stars: Basil Hoffman (Judge Drew Mayfield) Jeff Pomerantz (Michael Cunningham) Natalie Core (Dina Hartley) James David Hinton (Philip Spaulding)

Blake visits Dominique at La Mirage to discuss her recent revelation. She tells Blake that her mother was a long-time mistress of his father and has evidence to prove it. At Alexis' trial, a neighbor offers powerful evidence that incriminates Alexis. Along with Mark, she saw a woman on the terrace wearing a cape that has been positively identified as Alexis. Blake is called to testify and states that Alexis would indeed commit a violent act if sufficiently provoked. In a dramatic courtroom scene, Steven is called to the witness stand and he must tell what he knows or protect his mother.

Broadcast: 31-Oct-1984

94. The Verdict
gs: Jeff Pomerantz (Michael Cunningham) Bradford Dillman (Hal Lombard) Basil Hoffman (Judge Drew Mayfield) John Reilly (J.J.) Christine Kellogg (Laurie)

On the witness stand Steven testifies he saw Alexis push Mark to his death. Furious, hurt, and still claiming her innocence, Alexis disowns Steven. Dominique offers Blake $25 million for control of his company. Stunned, Blake offers her 40% of Denver-Carrington for $30 million. Jeff sees other women in an attempt to forget Fallon, but remains obsessed with his ex-wife. Dismissing her attorneys and deciding to represent herself, Alexis takes the stand and testifies she was not wearing the cape that incriminated her. The prosecution, however, proves it had been delivered to her and was found stuffed in a trash bin behind her building. The verdict is at last delivered: Alexis is found guilty.

Broadcast: 07-Nov-1984

95. Amanda
Guest Stars: Paul Burke (Neal McVane) Bradford Dillman (Hal Lombard) Natalie Core (Dina Hartley)

Adam and Dex vow to prove Alexis' innocence and begin a determined campaign. The woman who testified she had seen Alexis on the terrace with Mark had hosted a party that evening and snapped photographs. The negatives reveal it was Neal McVane who had framed Alexis for Mark's murder. Alexis is freed. Denver-Carrington is back in business. Alexis vows revenge on Dominique when she learns of her new partnership with Blake. Brady is stunned to learn of Dominique's true relationship with Blake. Upon returning home, Alexis receives a visit from a beautiful young woman named Amanda. She is Alexis' daughter.

Broadcast: 14-Nov-1984

96. The Secret

Everybody learns about Alexis' "new" daughter. Blake starts checking her out and he finds out that Alexis was pregnant with Amanda before she left Denver after the divorce. Though Alexis denies it, he may be the father. Steven and Claudia fight more and more, and Claudia meets Dean Caldwell, who starts flirting with her. In the tennis court, Jeff comes in contact with a woman called Nicole "Nikki" Simpson, that seems to have had a relationship to the late Peter De Vilbis

Broadcast - b: 21-Nov-1984

97. Domestic Intrigue
Guest Stars: John Saxon (Rashid Ahmed) Susan Scannell (Nicole Simpson) Richard Hatch (Dean Caldwell) Bill Campbell (Luke Fuller) Aharon Ipal?a> (Colonel Saban)

Amanda insists Alexis acknowledge their relationship and begs her to reveal her father's identity. Alexis tells her it was simply an anonymous ski instructor in Gstaad. Steven and Alexis reconcile and he rejoins Colbyco, where Luke Fuller, an attractive young man, has just been hired as public relations director. Claudia enters Steven's office to find Luke straightening her husband's tie. Amanda goes public with a front page story announcing she is Alexis' illegitimate daughter. Jeff meets an attractive young widow, Nicole, whose late husband was Peter DeVilbis.

Broadcast: 28-Nov-1984

98. Krystina
Guest Stars: Susan Scannell (Nicole Simpson) Bill Campbell (Luke Fuller) Richard Hatch (Dean Caldwell) Bibi Besch (Dr. Veronica Miller)

Krystle goes into premature labor and delivers a baby girl, who suffers from respiratory problems. She names the child Kristina after a friend who once saved her life. Claudia is uneasy when Steven accompanies Luke on a business trip. After confiding in Dean Caldwell, he moves to hug her, and the two are soon in a passionate embrace. Amanda overhears Dex tell Alexis to stop hiding the identity of Amanda's father. Jeff finds a photo of Peter DeVilbis in Nikki's hotel room.

Broadcast: 05-Dec-1984

99. Swept Away
Guest Stars: Susan Scannell (Nicole Simpson) Richard Hatch (Dean Caldwell) Bill Campbell (Luke Fuller) Bibi Besch (Dr. Veronica Miller)

Upon learning that he may be Amanda's father, Blake resolves to ask Amanda to take a blood test. Nicole tells Jeff there's a chance Peter DeVilbis may have been with another woman at the time of the crash. Under the pretense of a family outing, Alexis arranges to send Dex and Amanda to a ski lodge. With the tension growing between them, Amanda and Dex begin to fight. Their fury, however, soon turns to passion. Alexis finally arrives and announces the three are bound for London, where she and Dex will marry.

Broadcast: 12-Dec-1984

100. That Holiday Spirit

A pretty rich horse breeder called Daniel Reece has Krystle's old horse Allegree, and he's going to sell it. Blake and Krystle tries to buy it back, Daniel wants to sell it especially to them, because he's an old acquaintance of Krystle. It turns out he was Krystle's sister Iris' old boyfriend, and Krystle doesn't like him. Dex and Alexis get married. Amanda talks to her foster mother, who tells her that Blake is her father.

Broadcast -

101. The Avenger
Guest Stars: Susan Scannell (Nicole Simpson) George DiCenzo (Charles Dalton) Dennis Howard (Dr. Harris)

Krystle and Daniel get better along. Krystle also tells Blake that Daniel is Sammy Jo's real father. Jeff and Nikki search for a treasure which can also lead to Fallon. Blake gets a phone call telling him that his father, Tom Carrington, has had a heart attack. Steven and Claudia's marriage is breaking up, because Claudia suspects Steven of going back to being gay, together with his new PR-assistant, Luke, who is also gay.

Broadcast: 02-Jan-1985

102. The Will

Steven wants to save his marriage. Alexis, Blake and Dominique go to see Tom Carrington. Dominique talks him into accepting her as his daughter and he includes her in his will, which Alexis don't like. Krystle wants to start working with horses. Jeff still searches for Fallon, convinced that she's alive. Krystina comes home from the hospital.

Broadcast: 09-Jan-1985

103. The Treasure
Guest Stars: Susan Scannell (Nicole Simpson) Bill Campbell (Luke Fuller) Dawn C. Abraham (Lois Dern) George DiCenzo (Charles Dalton)

Blake is jealous of Krystle, who now spends alot of time with Daniel. The relationship between Alexis, Dex and Amanda is a bit strange. Jeff and Nikki's search meets a dead end in Bolivia and it turns out Fallon's dead after all. Jeff is upset gets drunk and when he wakes up he's married to Nikki. Brady leaves Dominique

Broadcast: 16-Jan-1985

104. Foreign Relations
Guest Stars: Susan Scannell (Nicole Simpson) Bill Campbell (Luke Fuller) George DiCenzo (Charles Dalton) Alvin Ing (Mr. Huang)

Jeff and Nikki comes home from Bolivia and tells Blake and Krystle that they are married. Krystle is now dealing with Arabian horses together with Daniel, and someone is taking snap shots of them together. Steven has an affair with Luke. Alexis wants Amanda to move in with Blake and the rest of the family. Blake goes to Paris to negotiate with Ashley Mitchell to whom is is attracted. Krystle and Blake argue a lot about not spending enough time together

Broadcast: 23-Jan-1985

105. Triangles
Guest Stars: Bill Campbell (Luke Fuller) Susan Scannell (Nicole Simpson) George DiCenzo (Charles Dalton)

Krystle and Blake argue more and more and do not seem to agree. Blake goes to Acapulco on business, where he meets Ashley. This meeting is set up by Alexis. Steven wants to reconcile with Claudia.

Broadcast: 30-Jan-1985

106. The Ball
Guest Stars: Susan Scannell (Nicole Simpson) Bill Campbell (Luke Fuller) George DiCenzo (Charles Dalton) Dana Lee (Minister Han Li Su) William Beckley (Gerard)

Daniel and Krystle are getting better along, and when Krystle accidentally falls of her horse, he kisses her while checking if she's all right. Alexis, Ashley and Blake are all gathered in Acapulco and Alexis tries to spoil deals. Adam tries to get Claudia to divorce Steven.

Broadcast: 06-Feb-1985 w: John Pleshette s: Camille Marchetta and Susan Baskin d: Jerome Courtland

NOTE: Diahann Carroll does not appear in this episode.

107. Circumstantial Evidence
Guest Stars: Susan Scannell (Nicole Simpson) Bill Campbell (Luke Fuller)

Amanda meets prince Michael of Moldavia in Europe and has a romance with him, though he's engaged to the duchess of Brana in Moldavia and can't make any commitment. Daniel is crazy about Krystle and wants her. Claudia is slipping from Steven to Adam. Jeff and Nikki's marriage is not working out

Broadcast: 13-Feb-1985

108. The Collapse
Guest Stars: Susan Scannell (Nicole Simpson) Frank Schuller (Toby Nelson) Santos Morales (Contra)

It turns out Nikki and Jeff aren't married after all and she moves from the mansion. Krystle and Blake still have problems. Dominique starts vomiting on stage and faints.

Broadcast: 20-Feb-1985

109. Life and Death
Guest Stars: Susan Scannell (Nicole Simpson) Bill Campbell (Luke Fuller) Kenneth Kimmins (Dr. Chase) John Findlater (Dr. Rossiter) Charles Davis (Professor) Bonnie Keith (Dr. Solis) Helaine Lembeck (Nurse Peters)

Dominique goes to hospital. Ashley and Krystle have a fight. Alexis has a plan to get Amanda and prince Michael to marry each other. Dex comes home from a secret mission with Daniel, and it turns out he has a past full of secret missions just like this.

Broadcast: 27-Feb-1985

110. Parental Consent
Guest Stars: Joel Fabiani (King Galen) Sam Chew, Jr. (Kyle) Bill Campbell (Luke Fuller)

Steven has problems choosing between Luke and Claudia. Alexis goes to Moldavia and meets her old very dear friend king Galen (Michael's father) and wants to make a deal with him including a marriage between Amanda and Michael. Someone is taking photographs of Blake and Ashley to make it look like Blake is having an affair.

Broadcast: 06-Mar-1985

111. Photo Finish
Guest Stars: Bill Campbell (Luke Fuller) Richard Hatch (Dean Caldwell) Hank Brandt (Morgan Hess) Heather Locklear (Sammy Jo Carrington)

Alexis manages to make an engagement with Michael and Amanda. It turns out Sammy Jo and Morgan Hess is behind the photographing of Blake and Krystle. But Sammy Jo's plan has worked out, because Krystle now takes Krystina and leaves Blake. In the mean time, Sammy Jo discovers an actress, Rita Leslie, who is Krystle's exact look-a-like, in a bar.

Broadcast: 13-Mar-1985

112. The Crash
Adam manages to get Claudia to divorce Steven and he sleeps with her. Michael thinks Amanda is too insensitive and breaks the engagement. Blake is furious with Daniel and starts arguing with him just when he's on his way on a business trip. Blake refuses to go out of Daniel's plane, but Daniel's in a hurry and has no time to wait. They continue the discussion in the plane while flying.  The argument gets into a fight and they accidentally strikes the pilot, who is left unconscious and the plane crashes in the woods.

Broadcast: 20-Mar-1985

113. Reconciliation
Guest Stars: Taylor Lacher (Burt McCann) Drew Snyder (Hank Lowther) Nick Angotti (Fred Mason) Robert Parucha (Alexis' Chauffeur)

Blake is the one with less damages after the plane crash and he gets both Daniel and the pilot to a cabin nearby the plane wreck. After a while Jeff manages to find them with a rescue chopper. Amanda and Michael suddenly have reconciled. Krystle tells Daniel that her sister Iris was pregnant when he left her, and that he has a daughter, Sammy Jo. Sammy Jo, who's now got Rita staying with her, does not know about her real father.

Broadcast: 27-Mar-1985

114. Sammy Jo
Guest Stars: Bill Campbell (Luke Fuller) Tom Everett (Vincent) Don Torres (Conrad)

Jeff is interested in Ashley and asks her out often. He suddenly discovers a picture she's taken, and Fallon's in it. Adam thinks Jeff's taking his place as Blake's son and is jalous. To create problems he does changes to a important document and gets Blake to blame Jeff. Daniel and Krystle goes to New York and Daniel meets Sammy Jo for the first time.

Broadcast: 03-Apr-1985

115. Kidnap

Jeff and Adam are certainly not getting along after the document incident. Michael and Amanda's wedding is up but the boss of Michael's security guards, Yuri, has scary plans. A kidnapping of Amanda is arranged, but she's saved by among others Dex and Michael. To prove that he loves him, Steven invites Luke to be with him in Moldavia at the wedding. Dex gets terrible news: Daniel was killed in one of his missions

Broadcast: 10-Apr-1985

116. The Heiress

Alexis, Michael and Amanda go to Moldavia to prepare a big wedding. They meet Elena, the duchess of Brana, who is pretty jalous. She manages to make Amanda believe she's having an affair with Michael. Galen wants Alexis to leave Dex for him. Daniel's will says Sammy Jo gets his farm, Delta Rho, and his fortune, though it's held in trust and Krystle has the control over it. This makes Sammy Jo furious. Fallon suddenly shows up in a police station in Los Angeles with amnesia

Broadcast: 08-May-1985

117. Royal Wedding

Steven promises Luke they and Danny will move in together when the wedding's over. Meanwhile Adam and Claudia look like they're meant for each other. Sammy Jo tries to make a revenge plan for Krystle, and gets a very good idea when she sees how good Rita is at playing Krystle. In Moldavia Elena confesses she's lying about the affair, and Amanda and Michael get married. But just after "I do", terrorists attacks the ceremony and everybody is left in a pile of blood. "Which of the Carrington's survived?"

Broadcast: 15-May-1985

Season Six

118. The Aftermath
Guest Stars: Bill Campbell (Luke Fuller) Theodore Bikel (Minister Warnick) Carl Strano (Yuri) Joel Fabiani (King Galen) John van Dreelen (Minister)

Ashley is killed in the terrorist attack. Luke is badly hurt and also dies a few hours later. The rest is held as prisoners, while Yuri and politicians he's got on his side take over the country. Sammy Jo makes a plan about getting Rita to play Krystle to get money. Fallon discovers the name Miles Colby in a paper and gets a funny familiar feeling about it. She then goes to see Miles.

Broadcast: 25-Sep-1985

119. The Homecoming
Guest Stars: Theodore Bikel (Minister Warnick)

Blake manages to get everybody out of Moldavia and back to Denver. Rita's ex-boyfriend, the director Joel Abrigore comes after Rita, and wants her back. He decides to help with the Krystle-plan. Luke's funeral takes place. Fallon is now getting good along with Miles and she tells him she can't remember who she is

Broadcast: 02-Oct-1985

120. The Californians
Guest Stars: Charlton Heston (Jason Colby) Barbara Stanwyck (Constance Colby) Calvin Lockhart (Jonathan Lake) Paul Shenar (Jason Dehner) Nicholas Pryor (Dr. Maurice Boland)

Jason Colby, who is the brother of Cecil Colby, Philip Colby (Jeff's father), and Constance Colby (he's also the father of Miles Colby), gets to know that he's dying. He only tells Constance, who later gets in touch with Jeff. Jason also calls Blake (whom he hasn't seen in 20 years) and proposes a business deal. Blake turns it down. Claudia tells Adam she can't be with him any more.
Sammy Jo and Joel makes Rita look exactly like Krystle.

Broadcast: 09-Oct-1985

121. The Man
Guest Stars: Charlton Heston (Jason Colby) Barbara Stanwyck (Constance Colby) Calvin Lockhart (Jonathan Lake) Joseph Chapman (Beaumont)

Sammy Jo, Rita and Joel are almost done with their plan. They're going to kidnap Krystle, put her clothes on Rita and "exchange" the two of them. Jeff visits his aunt Constance, and she gives him her 50 % of Colby Enterprises, which other 50 % is owned by Jason. A man from Dominique's past shows up and pays her a visit. Adam will not let go of Claudia and goes with her to San Francisco

Broadcast: 16-Oct-1985

122. The Gown
Guest Stars: Charlton Heston (Jason Colby) Barbara Stanwyck (Constance Colby) Ronnie Claire Edwards (Sister Theresa) Joseph Chapman (Beaumont) Theodore Bikel (Minister Warnick)

A nun, sister Mary Theresa, from Moldavia pays Alexis a visit, saying Galen is alive. Alexis plans to go there looking for him. Adam and Claudia get married in San Francisco. Jeff talks to the police in Los Angeles and learns that they've seen Fallon. He's sure she's alive, and plans to take "LB" (little Blake) and move to California. Krystle comes to Delta Rho without Sammy Jo knowing it, and runs into Rita who is exactly like her. She tries to call Blake, but Joel manages to strike her down. Rita now has to step right into the part as Mrs. Krystle Carrington!

Broadcast: 30-Oct-1985

123. The Titans
Guest Stars: Charlton Heston (Jason Colby) Barbara Stanwyck (Constance Colby) Stephanie Beacham (Sable Colby) Tracy Scoggins (Monica Colby) Claire Yarlett (Bliss Colby) Theodore Bikel (Minister Warnick) Ronnie Claire Edwards (Sister Theresa) Kerry Armstrong (Duchess Elena)

With help from Sammy Jo, Rita is now "put into" the Krystle part, while the real Krystle is a prisoner at Delta Rho. Nobody expects a thing. Alexis is sure king Galen is alive and wants to get him out of Moldavia. She gets Dex to help her. She disguises as a nun and gets into Moldavia, though Dex is captured by the guards. The deal between Blake and Jason is to be closed and a party is arranged at the mansion. Jason comes to Denver with his wife Sabella "Sable" Scott Colby (who is also Alexis' cousin), plus his daughter Monica, his sister Constance, and his lawyer, Garrett Boydston, who is a previous lover of Dominique's. Miles comes to the party too and brings Fallon as a date. Fallon recognizes the house without knowing why, and she gets frightened and leaves.
Jeff sees her disappear

Broadcast: 13-Nov-1985

Info Alert: This two-hour episode set the stage for the "Dynasty" spin-off, "The Colbys", and introduced many of "The Colbys" characters.
It is revealed in this episode that Alexis and Sable are cousins, which would make Fallon and her new love interest Miles arecousins, as well as Fallon and her ex-husband Jeff, since Jeff's mother is Sable's sister. "The Colbys" regular Ken Howard also joins the regular cast of "Dynasty" as Garrett Boydston.

124. The Decision
Guest Stars: Joel Fabiani (King Galen) Kerry Armstrong (Duchess Elena) Ashley Mutrux (L.B. Colby)

In Moldavia, Dex manages to escape and he saves king Galen, whose legs are paralyzed. They get out of the country with Alexis. Jeff and Blake finds out that Fallon is with Miles, but meanwhile Miles and Fallon has gone back to California. Blake is getting suspicious about Rita and understands something is wrong.

Broadcast: 20-Nov-1985

125. The Proposal
Guest Stars: Joel Fabiani (King Galen) James Sutorius (Gordon Wales) Michael Prince (Dr. Webb)

Galen comes to Denver and is hospitalized. Jeff goes after Fallon to California, but leaves LB. Blake thinks Krystle (Rita) is sick and wants her to go to a doctor. Joel disguises as "dr. Travers", and comes to "examine" Rita. Claudia receives a letter saying that Walter Lankershim (Matthew's old partner in 1981) is dead, and Claudia inherits his oil well, Lankershim-Blaisdel 1. To get out of sticky situations at night, when Blake wants to sleep with her, Rita drugs him.  Alexis visits Galen in the hospital and he promises he'll make her the richest woman in the world, if she helps him regain his throne.

Broadcast: 27-Nov-1985

126. The Close Call
Guest Stars: Joel Fabiani (King Galen) Ashley Mutrux (L.B. Colby)

Krystle learns a bit more about what's happening, and that she has been replaced by Rita. Garrett's proposals to Dominique about getting back together again are useless. Joel comes to the mansion again to "examine" Rita, but what they really do is discussing what to do next. They also get a bit "intimate", and LB sees them kissing. Galen promises Alexis he'll make her billions of dollars within banking when he gets Moldavia back. As a part of this deal, Alexis decides to let Galen live with her and Dex. Dex does not like it. Blake finds new signs saying Krystle (Rita) is not herself, and he orders her to go to another doctor.

Broadcast: 04-Dec-1985

127. The Quarrels
Guest Stars: Joel Fabiani (King Galen) Ashley Mutrux (L.B. Colby) Preston Hanson (Dr. Tyler)

Blake takes Rita to see his own doctor, who says she is in tip top shape. Galen does everything he can from his wheelchair in Alexis' apartment to get Moldavia power back. He wants Michael to put Moldavia before Amanda in his life, and Michael obeys his father, against his own will.

Broadcast: 11-Dec-1985

128. The Roadhouse
Guest Stars: Joel Fabiani (King Galen) Calvin Lockhart (Jonathan Lake) Kevin Conroy (Bart Fallmont) Frank Zagarino (Eric)

Joel decides to take the real Krystle out for a drink. In the bar they accidentally meet Dex and Alexis. Joel introduces himself as dr. Travers again. Krystle tries to get Alexis and Dex to understand what's going on, but she fails. After seeing Krystle and the "doctor" together, Alexis is convinced Krystle is unfaithful to Blake. Galen does not trust anyone in the fight for getting Moldavia back. Bart Fallmont does not have any intention of being co-operative with Denver-Carrington in the pipeline deal, after Adam's attempt to bribe him. Blake is getting suspicious about Krystle and understands something is wrong.

Broadcast: 18-Dec-1985

129. The Solution

Guest Stars: Joel Fabiani (King Galen) Calvin Lockhart (Jonathan Lake) Kevin Conroy (Bart Fallmont)

Joel tells Krystle he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Jonathan Lake takes Fallmont's side in the fight with the Carringtons. LB tells Alexis he saw "Krystle" (Rita) kissing "dr. Travers" (Joel), and Alexis confronts Blake about it. Blake now starts thinking divorce may be the best solution. Joel understands it's getting dangerous, and he finds his emergency solution: POISON, meant for Blake.

Broadcast: 25-Dec-1985

130. Suspicions
Guest Stars: Calvin Lockhart (Jonathan Lake) Kevin Conroy (Bart Fallmont) Kerry Armstrong (Duchess Elena)

In Caracas, Venezuela, Cassandra "Caress" Morrell, Alexis' sister, is let out of jail. She immediately starts working on her only goal; to publish a book that reveals all of Alexis' dirty secrets. Bart tells lies about the Carringtons on national television and Steven attacks him, which leads to a brutal fight. The poison starts affecting Blake and he has trouble concentrating. Alexis is very suspicious after seeing Krystle and Joel and confronts Rita. Sammy Jo finds out about the poisoning of Blake, and does not like it.

Broadcast: 08-Jan-1986

131. The Alarm
Guest Stars: Kerry Armstrong (Duchess Elena) Joel Fabiani (King Galen)

Joel makes false passports for him and Krystle and wants to take her to South America.  Dex is more and more unhappy with Galen living in Alexis' apartment. Sammy Jo finally starts to realize that the plot has gone too far. Blake is mortally ill and falls down the stairs. Rita watches, but doesn't do anything to help him.

Broadcast: 15-Jan-1986

132. The Vigil
Guest Stars: Calvin Lockhart (Jonathan Lake) Kerry Armstrong (Duchess Elena) David Spielberg (Dr. McNaughton)

Blake is brought to the hospital and his life is in great danger, but he survives. When he wakes up he remembers his fall accurate. He realizes that Rita is not Krystle. Rita unfortunately meets Krystle when she's looking for Joel in the attic and a catfight is on.  Sammy Jo comes in and helps Krystle. Rita is left unconscious, locked in the attic, while Sammy Jo and Krystle escape. But they only get as far as to the front door where Joel is waiting.

Broadcast: 22-Jan-1986

133. The Accident
Guest Stars: Joel Fabiani (King Galen) Troy Beyer (Jackie Deveraux) Michael Durrell (Sgt. Landers) Greg Mullavey (Editor)

Sammy Jo and Krystle make Joel believe that Krystle is Rita, and they escape from Delta Rho. There's a happy reunion with Krystle and Blake at the hospital. Joel and Rita decamp, but has a car accident. Sammy Jo tells the true story about their plan, but Krystle and Blake choose not to turn her in. Adam tries to find Claudia but with no luck. Alexis wants to make a scandal of Krystle's kidnapping and goes to the press saying Krystle and Joel are lovers.

Broadcast: 29-Jan-1986

134. Souvenirs
Guest Stars: Emma Samms (Fallon Carrington Colby) Maxwell Caulfield (Miles Colby) Ricardo Montalban (Zach Powers) Joel Fabiani (King Galen) Anne Haney (Betty Kingsley)

Krystle is very shook up after the kidnapping. After Alexis' spreading of rumors to the press, a reporter disguises as a nanny and comes to the mansion asking Krystle embarrassing and insulting questions, which makes Krystle's condition worse. Blake does everything he can to find Rita and Joel. Fallon comes home from California to visit, now recovering from the amnesia. But she's pretty depressed, and when Miles comes after her, it turns out he raped her the night before, though he didn't mean it. He wants Fallon to choose between him and Jeff. Both Dex and Amanda are hurt from marriage problems and as a result from that, plus Dex being extremely alcoholized, they sleep together. Alexis learns that her sister is released, and tries to get help to keep her in jail from an old friend and lover, Zachary "Zach" Powers.

Broadcast: 05-Feb-1986

135. The Divorce
Guest Stars: Joel Fabiani (King Galen) Troy Beyer (Jackie Deveraux) Kevin Conroy (Bart Fallmont) Corey Young (Griff) Robert Symonds (Dr. Jonas Edwards) Jim Ishida (Lin)

Alexis finds Dex and Amanda in bed together and decides never to forgive any of them.  Dominique's daughter, Jacqueline "Jackie" Deveraux, comes to stay with Dominique. Garrett meets her and believes he is her father. Adam finds out about Bart Fallmont being gay.

Broadcast: 12-Feb-1986

136. The Dismissal
Guest Stars: Kevin Conroy (Bart Fallmont) Hank Brandt (Morgan Hess) Michael Durrell (Sgt. Landers) Richard Roat (Carl Crayton) Jameson Sampley (Danny Carrington)

Alexis divorces Dex, who is badly hurt, but now is together with Amanda. Amanda means Dex is the love of her life. Blake does not like this relationship and tries to separate them. Adam threatens Bart to reveal that he's gay. Caress and Alexis meet again. Alexis is also hurt after the divorce from Dex and realizes Blake is the one she's always loved. But these feelings vanishes quickly when she finds out that Blake under no circumstances will return her love Alexis curses him and promises to destroy him.

Broadcast: 19-Feb-1986

137. Ben
Guest Stars: Kevin Conroy (Bart Fallmont) Troy Beyer (Jackie Deveraux) Neil Hunt (Aussie) Frank Zagarino (Chauffeur)

Amanda and Dex continues their "turtle dove" relationship. Blake is in Hong Kong on business and Krystle represents Denver-Carrington meanwhile. After a press conference she fights with Alexis and they fall down a hill and get covered with mud. Caress meets Blake again for the first time in quite a few years. Alexis tracks down Blake's brother Benjamin "Ben" Carrington in Australia, and they make a plan to ruin Blake. Caress blames Alexis for putting her in jail and demands to stay in her apartment. Alexis warns her about crossing her paths.

Broadcast: 26-Feb-1986

138. Masquerade
Guest Stars: Kevin Conroy (Bart Fallmont) Richard Anderson (Buck Fallmont) Pat Crowley (Emily Fallmont) Troy Beyer (Jackie Deveraux) William Beckley (Gerard)

Alexis finds out about Caress' book. There are more disagreements between the Carrington's and the Fallmont's. The Fallmonts; Bart, his father (Buckley Clayburn "Buck" Fallmont), his mother (Emily Fallmont), and his brother (Clayburn "Clay" Fallmont) comes to a dinner party in the Carrington mansion, but this doesn't help to solve their arguments about the pipeline. Since there are no ways of co-operation, Adam reveals to the press that Bart is gay. Sammy Jo and Clay meet and are attracted to one another. Blake and Ben meet face to face again, and Ben tells him he's back to get revenge

Broadcast: 05-Mar-1986

139. The Subpoenas
Guest Stars: Richard Anderson (Buck Fallmont) Richard Roat (Carl Crayton)

Dominique warns Ben about involving too much with Alexis, but it doesn't help. Ben sues Blake and demands his share of the inheritance from their father, which means 125 million dollars. The fight is on. Dex realizes his affair with Amanda is a mistake and wants to brake up with her, which hurts her deeply. Alexis prepares to stop the publishing of Caress' book. Blake and Ben argues over their mother's (Ellen Lucy Carrington) grave, and it seems Ben is to blame for her death.

Broadcast: 12-Mar-1986

140. The Trial (1)
Guest Stars: Troy Beyer (Jackie Deveraux) Anthony Zerbe (Crenshaw) William Traylor (Dan Franklin) Brion James (Hawkins) Richard Roat (Carl Crayton) Tricia O'Neil (Mrs. Davis) Warren Munson (Judge) Jim Ishida (Lin) Greta Blackburn (Jennifer)

In court, Ben and Alexis lie about Ben and Blake's mother's death and says Blake is responsible. According to them, Blake was supposed to watch their mother (who was hurt), but ran off to sleep with Alexis. After this false testimony, things don't look too good for Blake in the trial. Jackie checks her birth certificate and finds out her father is "unknown". Alexis tells Caress that she knows about the book, and to stop it she's bought the publishing house.

Broadcast: 19-Mar-1986

141. The Trial (2)
Guest Stars: Kevin Conroy (Bart Fallmont) Richard Anderson (Buck Fallmont) Pat Crowley (Emily Fallmont) Troy Beyer (Jackie Deveraux) Anthony Zerbe (Crenshaw) Brion James (Hawkins) William Traylor (Dan Franklin) Warren Munson (Judge) Tricia O'Neil (Mrs. Davis) Debra Satell (Jeri)

Jackie runs away from home after knowing Dominique's lied about her father. Buck Fallmont tries over and over again to get closer to Amanda, who pushes him away every time. It turns out that Ben is responsible for his mother's death, cause he was the one supposed to watch his mother the day she died, but instead he was with Emily Fallmont having sex that day. Another witness is Caress, who was with Alexis the same day. But even though this stuff turned up, Ben and Alexis win the trial. Blake is furious and wants to destroy Alexis.

Broadcast: 26-Mar-1986

142. The Vote
Guest Stars: Troy Beyer (Jackie Deveraux) Don Dubbins (Martin Gaines) James Sutorius (Gordon Wales) Clayton Landey (Jay Bradley) Greta Blackburn (Jennifer)

Caress tells Blake she wants to help him prove Alexis' testimony was false. Alexis and Ben's "professional" relationship is getting closer to a sexual one. Amanda suffers after the break-up with Dex and Krystle tries to help her. Dominique tells Garrett he is Jackie's father. Claudia finds the contract Adam made Blake sign when he was ill from the poison, that gives Adam control over Denver-Carrington, and she threatens to tell Blake unless Adam does what she says. Though Blake lost alot of money in the trial, he's fighting back and planning to take over ColbyCo.

Broadcast: 02-Apr-1986

143. The Warning
Guest Stars: Pat Crowley (Emily Fallmont) Soon-Teck Oh (Lui Kai) Carole Cook (Cora Van Heusen) Tom Hallick (Winston Towers) Concetta Tomei (Ilene Robson) F.J. O'Neil (Bob Ashmore)

The fight between Alexis and Blake continues. Alexis works with dirty tricks and is now setting Blake up, creating a conflict between him and the Chinese government. Buck still fails trying to be Amanda's "friend". After a car accident involving them both, he takes the blame for her. Emily is very nervous, thinking that the truth about the affair she had with Ben is going to come out. Ben fools Blake and manages to get his hands on one of Denver-Carrington's smaller companies.

Broadcast: 09-Apr-1986

144. The Cry
Guest Stars: Pat Crowley (Emily Fallmont) Kabir Bedi (Farouk Ahmed) Troy Beyer (Jackie Deveraux) Richard Herd (Jim Ellison) Woody Brown (Fred) James Hornbeck (Blanchard)

Blake learns about Ben's relationship to Emily. Ben and Alexis plans to get Caress out of their way. Jackie returns home and learns Garrett is her father. Amanda's condition is bad, cause she feels she's not loved by anyone. She takes a huge doze of sleeping pills and looses consciousness.

Broadcast: 16-Apr-1986

145. The Rescue
Guest Stars: Dana Lee (Minister Han Li Su)

Alexis finds a drugged, unconscious Amanda and gets her to the hospital where she later wakes up. Alexis now forgives Amanda for the incident with Dex. Dex recognizes Ben from somewhere, and decides to find out who he really is. Ben "takes care" of Caress by managing to send her back to the prison in Caracas. He also gets his hands on the script for her book. Garrett and Dominique decides to get married. What Alexis thinks is her chance to hit Blake (by getting him in trouble with the Chinese) turns out to be a plot made by Ben to fool her.

Broadcast: 30-Apr-1986

146. The Triple-Cross
Guest Stars: Troy Beyer (Jackie Deveraux) Dana Lee (Minister Han Li Su) Andrea Howard (Saleslady)

Blake gets in trouble with the Chinese, and Alexis says she's got nothing to do with it.  Adam and Steven has big trouble co-operating while Blake is away. Alexis talks to minister Han in the Chinese government and tries to get him to give her full control over Blake's 75 % of t he oil leases. Adam and Claudia's marriage is in ruins and Claudia threatens to blackmail Adam with the information about his scam. Ben reveals to Alexis that he's been co-operating secretly with the Chinese and now gets his hands on the oil leases. Alexis swears she'll get both him and Blake.

Broadcast: 14-May-1986

147. The Choice (a.k.a.) The Vendetta
Guest Stars: Troy Beyer (Jackie Deveraux) Kabir Bedi (Farouk Ahmed) James Sutorius (Gordon Wales) F.J. O'Neil (Bob Ashmore) Phillip Clark (Richard Daniels)

Caress desperately tries to get help from her jail cell in Caracas and sends a letter to Blake. An engagement party for Dominique and Garrett is held at La Mirage, but in the middle of it Dominique finds out that Garrett has been lying to her all the time about being married when they had their affair many years ago, and she doesn't want to see him again. In the mean time, Claudia is in her room upstairs, hurt and angry with all the Carrington's who have betrayed her. She lights one candle for each Carrington, but she accidentally puts fire to the curtains and soon the whole room is on fire. Blake and Krystle comes home from the party and discovers Ben and Alexis in the mansion. Alexis tells them that the Chinese government has given the South China Sea oil leases to Ben, and that Blake now is flat broke. As a little "bonus", Alexis has just bought the mansion. Blake flips out and starts strangling Alexis.

Broadcast: 21-May-1986

Season Seven

148. The Victory

Blake almost kills Alexis, but Krystle stops him. They now move with Krystina into a hotel called The Carlton. Claudia and several other people get killed in the fire at La Mirage.  Claudia's death hurts Adam badly. A man called Thorpe, who lost his wife in the fire, accuses Blake of murdering her, since he owns La Mirage. A stranger saves Amanda's life, and it turns out to be Michael Culhane (Blake's old driver). Blake is not happy to see him again, but he thanks him. Ben receives a mysterious call from Australia, and it seems to be an unknown woman from his past. This makes Ben nervous. Alexis buys a newspaper called "The Mirror" to make bad publicity for Blake

Broadcast: 24-Sep-1986
Writer: Edward de Blasio
Director: Don Medford

149. Sideswiped
Guest Stars: Alan Fudge (Phil Thorpe) Virginia Hawkins (Jeanette Robbins)

Though Alexis has the upper hand, Blake refuses to give up. Sammy Jo and Clay have become a beautiful loving couple. Adam leaves Blake's side to join Alexis. Alexis takes over Denver-Carrington. Blake gives Michael back his old job as a driver. Thorpe still blames Blake for the fire at La Mirage and to get revenge he sees to it that Blake's limo (containing Blake, Krystle and Michael) is pushed off the road.

Broadcast: 01-Oct-1986
Writer: Edward de Blasio
Director: Gwen Arner

150. Focus
Guest Stars: James Sutorius (Gordon Wales) Madison Mason (Gary Tilden) Alan Fudge (Phil Thorpe) Robert Pine (Lt. Calder) Lorry Goldman (Assistant D.A. Ferguson) Carol Locatell (Peters)

Krystle is brought to the hospital and gets well again. Though Alexis denies it she still seems to have feelings for Dex. Ben tries to get Dex to stay away from Alexis. Blake now wants to start over again with a new company called Carrington Ventures. Dominique invests $50000000 in it, so Blake can repay his debts to Alexis. A dramatic scene occurs in The Carlton when Thorpe threatens and tries to kill Krystle with a gun. After he's arrested, Blake is brought in for questioning, because it turns out the fire at La Mirage was arson.

Broadcast: 15-Oct-1986
Writer: James W. Kearns
Director: Don Medford

151. Reward
Guest Stars: Pat Crowley (Emily Fallmont) Richard Lawson (Nick Kimball) Troy Beyer (Jackie Deveraux) Gary Wood (Dan Crane) Clayton Landey (Jay Bradley) James Sutorius (Gordon Wales) James Ray (Mr. Eckland) Robert Pine (Lt. Calder) Jon Sharp (Ben Carson) Don Maxwell (Charley)

Blake wants to start dealing with gas instead of oil. One of his partners in this project, Nick Kimball, accidentally meets Dominique and sparks are flying. Adam doesn't like co-operating with Ben. A Denver-Carrington secretary, Dana Bethany Waring, seems to be interested in Adam. Blake is arrested and accused for the arson at La Mirage.

Broadcast: 22-Oct-1986
Writer: Harold Livingston
Director: Irving J. Moore

152. The Arraignment
Guest Stars: Richard Anderson (Buck Fallmont) Pat Crowley (Emily Fallmont) Troy Beyer (Jackie Deveraux) Lorry Goldman (Assistant D.A. Ferguson) Russell Johnson (Earl Thompson) James Sutorius (Gordon Wales) Taylor Lacher (Captain Harris) Carlos Romero (Judge J. Therom) David White (Dr. Gavin)

Blake still refuses to give up. Jackie's tellings from the fire gets important when they prove that the fire started in Claudia's room. After this the charge against Blake is dropped. Adam's relationship to Dana gets closer. Blake gets Caress' letter from Caracas and decides to get her out of jail. Dex sleeps with Alexis.

Broadcast: 05-Nov-1986

153. Romance
Guest Stars: Pat Crowley (Emily Fallmont) Madison Mason (Gary Tilden) Richard Lawson (Nick Kimball) John James (Jeff Colby) Emma Samms (Fallon Carrington Colby)

Dex asks Alexis to marry him, but she turns him down. Blake tries to get Caress out of jail, but can't get in because of Ben's bribes. Alexis wants Ben out of both ColbyCo and the mansion, but he threatens to tell the police about their false testimony. Blake fires Michael after catching him kissing Amanda. Blake realizes there's only one man that can help him get Caress out: Dex.

Broadcast: 12-Nov-1986

154. The Mission
Guest Stars: James Sutorius (Gordon Wales) Diana Webster (Dr. Craig) George D. Wallace (Walt Tyson) Lorry Goldman (Assistant D.A. Ferguson)

Blake has problems getting his gas project started and he needs $50000000. As a part of his revenge, Michael decides to secretly help Blake and contacts Zach Powers, who owes him one. Sammy Jo learns she's pregnant. Dex and Clay go with a rescue team to Caracas and get Caress out of jail. Now Blake has another chance at getting Ben and Alexis

Broadcast: 19-Nov-1986
Writer: Edward de Blasio
Director: Don Medford

155. The Choice
Guest Stars: Ricardo Montalban (Zach Powers) Pat Crowley (Emily Fallmont)

Zach loans Blake the money he needs. What Blake doesn't know, is that the whole thing is set up by Michael, who also has Amanda twisted around his little finger. Alexis gets curious about the deal between Blake and Zach. Sammy Jo tells Clay she's pregnant, but he doesn't seem to be very enthusiastic about it. Caress blackmails Emily Fallmont, threatening to tell everyone about the affair with Ben. Ben tries to solve this by sending hitmen to kill Caress.

Broadcast: 27-Nov-1986
Writer: Harold Stone
Director: Irving J. Moore

156. The Secret
Guest Stars: Pat Crowley (Emily Fallmont) Richard Anderson (Buck Fallmont) Kimberly Beck (Claire Prentice) Cliff Murdock (Concierge)

Amanda moves in with Michael. Alexis reveals his schemes, but he still manages to convince Amanda that he loves her. The fact that Sammy Jo is pregnant almost results in Clay leaving her, but after an argument with his father, he decides he wants to marry her. Blake tries to stop Caress before she drives Emily to the breaking point. Meanwhile, Emily tells Buck about her affair with Ben. Buck gets upset and is convinced that Clay is Ben's son. After a huge fight, Emily decides to leave Denver, but gets hit by a car and is left unconscious.

Broadcast: 03-Dec-1986

157. The Letter
Guest Stars: Pat Crowley (Emily Fallmont) Richard Anderson (Buck Fallmont) Richard Lawson (Nick Kimball) Kimberly Beck (Claire Prentice) Donald Craig (Justice of Peace)

Emily dies in hospital, which creates more fighting between Clay and Buck. Emily leaves a letter to Blake, proving she was with Ben on the night of Ellen Carrington's death and begging Blake to use this letter to get back what was stolen from him. Sammy Jo and Clay get married. Alexis learns about Michael being a "silent partner" in Blake's new business and tries to buy it from him. Michael turns her offer down and instead tells Blake about it. He offers to be a real partner with Blake and forget about the past, but Blake turns him down. Hating the thought of Michael owning a part of his new venture, Blake decides to shut it down if he has to, and go ahead and use Emily's letter to get back at Ben and Alexis.

Broadcast: 10-Dec-1986

158. The Ball
Guest Stars: Carole Cook (Cora Van Heusen) Richard Lawson (Nick Kimball) William Traylor (Dan Franklin) Madison Mason (Gary Tilden) Diana Webster (Dr. Craig)

Sammy Jo learns she's not pregnant after all, but does not tell Clay about it. Adam sleeps with Dana. Alexis throws a big party in the mansion. In the middle of it, Blake threatens to publice the proves he has that Ben and Alexis lied on the witness stand. Alexis is forced to agree

Broadcast: 17-Dec-1986

159. Fear
Guest Stars: Kimberly Beck (Claire Prentice) James Sutorius (Gordon Wales) William Beckley (Gerard)

Blake gets Denver-Carrington and the mansion back and starts planning a trip to China to get the oil leases back. Sammy Jo doesn't dare to tell Clay that she's not pregnant, but he's getting suspicious. Danny's teacher learns Steven's gay. Alexis writes upsetting things about Dominique in her paper and this leads to an old-fashioned catfight. Alexis is afraid of Ben and to get rid of him, she sends Adam to Australia to find out more about the mysterious calls Ben received earlier.

Broadcast: 31-Dec-1986

160. The Rig
Guest Stars: Joy Garrett (Vera Nesbitt) Kimberly Beck (Claire Prentice) Dana Lee (Minister Han Li Su) James Sutorius (Gordon Wales)

Ben reveals to Blake that he's got a wife and a daughter whom he hasn't seen in 15 years.  Adam accidentally meets his daughter in Australia, and also a woman called Vera Nesbitt, who has unfinished business with Ben. Alexis tells Ben about this and scares him. Blake, Ben and Alexis go to China and Blake gets the leases back. They fly out to the rig in the China Sea to officialize this, but there's an explosion, and Blake is trapped.

Broadcast: 07-Jan-1987
Director: Irving J. Moore

161. A Love Remembered (1)
Guest Stars: Clyde Kusatsu (Dr. Chen) Jessica Player (Krystina Carrington) Conrad Bachmann (Dr. Albans)

Ben saves Blake, but afterwards they are separated. Blake wakes up in a hospital in Singapore with amnesia. He thinks he is living 20 years ago. Alexis takes advantage of this and makes Blake believe they are still married. Adam is the only one who gets to know where they are. Still, Dex and Krystle go to China to look for Blake and Alexis. Clay learns about Sammy Jo's false pregnancy. Alexis takes Blake to a house in China to relax after the accident. Her plan is to lure him and get the oil leases back, but she changes her mind and tares up the papers.

Broadcast: 14-Jan-1987

162. A Love Remembered (2)
Guest Stars: Richard Lawson (Nick Kimball) Madison Mason (Gary Tilden) Clyde Kusatsu (Dr. Chen) Jose DeVega (Ling)

After many arguments, Sammy Jo decides she wants the marriage to Clay canceled. Krystle searches for a long time, and at last finds Blake and Alexis. Blake doesn't remember Krystle at first, but Alexis feels bad and realizes she has to tell Blake the truth. He gets his memory back and there's a happy reunion with him and Krystle.

Broadcast: 21-Jan-1987

163. The Portrait

Ben's daughter, Leslie Carrington, comes to Denver to face her father again after 15 years.  It's an unhappy reunion with many arguments, and Ben learns that his former wife, Melissa, who's also Leslie's mother, is dead. Clay desperately tries to get Sammy Jo to change her mind about the annulment. Krystle is worried that Blake and Alexis slept together in China, but Blake can confirm that they didn't

Broadcast: 28-Jan-1987
Writer: Edward de Blasio
Director: Nancy Malone

164. The Birthday
Guest Stars: Richard Lawson (Nick Kimball) Jessica Player (Krystina Carrington) Linda Thorson (Dr. Mansfield)

Blake tries to help Leslie and Ben's relationship. Dex is convinced that Alexis is still in love with Blake and they fight about this. Sammy Jo and Clay get their marriage annulled. Dex and Dominique suddenly become close friends, and seeks comfort in each other. Alexis catches them hugging and is sure there's something more to the "friendship". Adam proposes to Dana, and she accepts. Krystina is brought to the hospital after several days of coughing and breathing trouble. She's kept for observation, but in the middle of the night she passes out and stops breathing.

Broadcast: 04-Feb-1987

165. The Test
Guest Stars: John James (Jeff Colby) Alan Haufrect (Dr. Harold Chadway) Linda Thorson (Dr. Mansfield) Jessica Player (Krystina Carrington)

The doctors manage to save Krystina, but her condition is still critical. Steven decides to move in with Sammy Jo. Ben and Leslie make up. Alexis goes to California to visit Jeff, Fallon and their new baby. After a lot of tests, it turns out Krystina will need a new heart to get well again.

Broadcast: 11-Mar-1987
Writer: Dennis Turner
Director: Nancy Malone

166. The Mothers
Guest Stars: Paul Burke (Neal McVane) Jon Cypher (Dirk Maurier) Duncan Gamble (Boyd Curtis) Ed Nelson (Sam Dexter) Matthew Faison (Dr. Holland) Jessica Player (Krystina Carrington)

Blake and Krystle have huge problems finding a heart donor for Krystina. Dirk E. Maurier, Daniel Reece's old partner, and now one of Alexis' new business associates, expresses clearly that he's very fond of her. Neal McVane is let out of prison again, and goes straight to Adam. He says he can prove that the real Adam Carrington was killed the day after the kidnapping, and that Adam is false. He uses this to blackmail Adam. Dex brings Dominique to his father's ranch in Wyoming. In a party there he has a reunion with some of his old friends, among them Sarah and Boyd Curtis. A short while later, there's a car accident and Boyd gets killed. Sarah is fine, but their daughter, Cathy, is badly hurt, and the doctors declare her "braindead". Blake convinces Sarah to donate Cathy's heart to Krystina.

Broadcast: 25-Feb-1987

167. The Surgery
Guest Stars: Paul Burke (Neal McVane) Robert Symonds (Dr. Jonas Edwards) Matthew Faison (Dr. Holland) Jessica Player (Krystina Carrington) Jameson Sampley (Danny Carrington)

Sarah changes her mind about donating Cathy's heart, but Dex convinces her to go ahead with it. The operation is successful. Sammy Jo and Steven's new "parents" relationship is working great. McVane continues blackmailing Adam, who is getting nervous.

Broadcast: 04-Mar-1987
Writer: Frank V. Furino
Director: Gwen Arner

168. The Garage
Guest Stars: Paul Burke (Neal McVane) Robert Symonds (Dr. Jonas Edwards) Matthew Faison (Dr. Holland) Jon Cypher (Dirk Maurier) Jessica Player (Krystina Carrington) William Beckley (Gerard)

Sarah is deeply depressed after her husband and daughter's death, and attempts to kill herself. Krystle saves her and invites her to stay with her and Blake. Alexis learns about McVane's release. Adam talks to his old friend, dr. Edwards from Montana, who means that McVane is right and that Adam should tell Blake and Alexis he's not their son. Sammy Jo and Steven kiss, but they both realize it's wrong and brakes it off.

Broadcast: 11-Mar-1987
Writer: Dennis Turner
Director: Don Medford

169. The Shower
Guest Stars: Paul Burke (Neal McVane) Robert Symonds (Dr. Jonas Edwards) Jill Andre (Nurse Johnson) Jessica Player (Krystina Carrington) Alan Haufrect (Dr. Harold Chadway) Jameson Sampley (Danny Carrington)

Sarah is getting better, but both Blake and Dex are still suspicious and a bit worried.  Alexis has "dumped" Michael, who desperately wants a "cut-in" on the business deals between her and Maurier. Leslie and Clay start kissing. Adam's nervousity is getting worse, as McVane still threatens him. He's started drinking heavily, and after a fight with Dana, he cancels their wedding.

Broadcast: 18-Mar-1987
Writer: Jonna Emerson
Director: Irving J. Moore

170. The Dress
Guest Stars: Paul Burke (Neal McVane) Richard Anderson (Buck Fallmont) Jessica Player (Krystina Carrington) Natalija Nogulich (April) Frank Schuller (Detective) Virginia Hawkins (Jeanette Robbins) William Beckley (Gerard)

Dana is hurt after Adam turning his back on her, and everybody understand something wrong and are concerned about him. Buck learns about Clay's new relationship to Leslie, and since she's a Carrington, he of course gets furious and does everything to embarrass them. Blake is worried and thinks Sarah is getting too attached to Krystina, but Krystle convinces him to let her continue living in the mansion. Steven sleeps with Sammy Jo.

Broadcast: 25-Mar-1987

171. Valez
Guest Stars: Paul Burke (Neal McVane) Jon Cypher (Dirk Maurier) Jessica Player (Krystina Carrington) Jameson Sampley (Danny Carrington) Gary Costello (Jay) Virginia Hawkins (Jeanette Robbins) Madeleine Sherwood (Tenant) Janet Adams (Liz)

Dex tries to warn Alexis about doing business with Maurier, but she refuses to listen. Though many people try to help, Adam's condition is not improving. Steven realizes that sleeping with Sammy Jo was wrong and means he's just causing problems living like this. Sarah's condition seems to be fine, but Krystle and Blake desperately understand how wrong they were when Sarah suddenly takes Krystina and drives away.

Broadcast: 01-Apr-1987

172. The Sublet
Guest Stars: Paul Burke (Neal McVane) Richard Lawson (Nick Kimball) John Howard Swain (Lt. Benson) Alan Haufrect (Dr. Harold Chadway) Jessica Player (Krystina Carrington) J.J. Johnston (Gym Manager) Jeff O'Haco (Fighter)

Nick purposes to Dominique. Adam's condition is getting close to a nervous breakdown.  McVane pushes him to betray Alexis, revealing confidential information about ColbyCo. He again ends up drunk in jail, and Alexis must bail him out. Sarah keeps Krystina in a rented apartment, but she refuses to take her hart medicine, and her condition gets bad. Krystle eventually finds the apartment and manages to get Sarah to give Krystina back.

Broadcast: 08-Apr-1987

173. The Confession
Guest Stars: Jon Cypher (Dirk Maurier) Neil Dickson (Gavin Maurier) Paul Burke (Neal McVane) Troy Beyer (Jackie Deveraux) Richard Lawson (Nick Kimball) James Sutorius (Gordon Wales) Alan Haufrect (Dr. Harold Chadway) John Howard Swain (Lt. Benson) Jameson Sampley (Danny Carrington)

Jackie returns home after being in New York with Garrett. Adam finally tells Blake and Alexis that he's not their son. He makes up with Dana and decides to move away with her. Blake and Alexis manages to get him change his mind, because even though they don't know for sure if he's their son, they feel that in their hart, he always will be. Sarah is in bad condition after the kidnapping and refuses to face the fact that Cathy is dead. Steven and Sammy Jo have disagreements considering their relationship and what's best for Danny. Clay wants Leslie to move in with him. Dirk's nephew Gavin Maurier comes to Denver and immediately shows interest in Alexis.

Broadcast: 22-Apr-1987

174. The Affair
Guest Stars: Richard Anderson (Buck Fallmont) Richard Lawson (Nick Kimball) Troy Beyer (Jackie Deveraux) Neil Dickson (Gavin Maurier) William Beckley (Gerard) Jameson Sampley (Danny Carrington)

Alexis starts planning Adam and Dana's wedding. Buck reveals the fact that Ben may be Clay's father after his affair with Emily, which would make Leslie and Clay brother and sister. This puts a stop to their romance. Alexis and Gavin kiss. A mysterious man shows up in the conservatory, claiming to be from the wedding work crew. Krystle tries to check this out, but he manages to escape through the window.

Broadcast: 29-Apr-1987

175. Shadow Play
Guest Stars: Bo Hopkins (Matthew Blaisdel) Richard Lawson (Nick Kimball) Richard Anderson (Buck Fallmont) Neil Dickson (Gavin Maurier) Russell Johnson (Earl Thompson) Darrell Zwerling (Minister) William Beckley (Gerard) Virginia Hawkins (Jeanette Robbins) Betty Hartford (Mrs. Gunnerson) Jessica Player (Krystina Carrington) Jameson Sampley (Danny Carrington) Robert Balderson (Alfred) Ron Recasner (Will) Debra Armani (Secretary) Ray Genadry (Stranger #1) William Austyn (Stranger #2) Frederick Lopez (Stranger #3) Scott Winter (Catering Assistant)

A blood test proves that both Buck and Ben could be Clay's father, so Clay brakes up with Leslie and leaves Denver. Alexis and Blake adopts Adam so he can be their son as really as possible. Steven and Sammy Jo have more arguments. Dominique accepts Nick's proposal. Ben leaves Denver. Adam and Dana get married and leave for their honeymoon. At the end of the wedding, Dex and Alexis have a big fight and Alexis drives away upset. Passing a bridge, her car crashes and falls into the water underneath. At the same time, the mansion is attacked by a gang of armed Lathin-Americans. Dex is struck down, while Blake, Krystle, Steven, Sammy Jo, Leslie, the children and the servants are captured and held in the conservatory. She surprise is more shocking than ever when Matthew Blaisdel suddenly walks in and reveals that he's come back to take Krystle from Blake.

Broadcast: 06-May-1987

Info Alert: Diahann Carroll (Dominique), Christopher Cazenove (Ben) and Ted McGinley (Clay) depart the cast and make their final appearances on the show.

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