"The Court," a new drama series set in the venerated halls of the U.S. Supreme Court, starring Academy and Emmy Award-winner Sally Field, premiered Tuesday, March 26, 10:00-11:00 p.m., on WCHS-TV8.

Sally Field plays Justice Kate Nolan, a pragmatic politician who must prove herself in a deeply divided Court. As she navigates between the liberal and conservative camps of her new colleagues, she must also create a rapport with the brilliant young law clerks assigned to assist her.

While Nolan struggles within the halls of the Supreme Court, an aggressive television reporter, Harlan Brandt  and his eager, young production assistant, Betsy Tyler work from outside. Dedicated to putting a face on the work of the court, Brandt's fast-paced, deadline-driven world is often at cross-purposes with the sanctity of the institution he covers.

In the premiere episode, entitled "Life Sentence," former Ohio Governor Kate Nolan is sworn in as the newest member of an evenly divided Supreme Court. In addition to learning the politics and protocol of her new responsibilities, she faces the daunting challenge of filling the shoes of her predecessor, a well-liked Justice who met a sudden and untimely death. Hot on Nolan's trail is Harlan Brandt, the ambitious reporter who seeks to uncover any improprieties from her earlier political life.

The stellar cast includes Pat Hingle as the conservative Chief Justice Townsend, Miguel Sandoval as ultraconservative Justice Martinez and Chris Sarandon as well-bred liberal Justice Voorhees. Legendary stage and screen star Diahann Carroll makes a special guest appearance as highly regarded liberal Justice Desett.

The Justices are aided by a group of brilliant and talented clerks. They are Alexis, a passionate liberal, Christopher, a smart, well mannered Annapolis graduate, and Dylan, who can adeptly argue both sides of the law.

Guest starring in the series premiere are Cynthia Ettinger as Charlene Grissom, Brenda Strong as Marsha Palmer, Christopher Grove as Peter Rubin, Holmes Osborne as Consultant Frankel, Freda Foh Shen as Legal Counsel Reed, Carmen Argenziano as Ohio Senator Koloski, J. Patrick McCormack as Chief of Staff Gainey, Thom Gossom, Jr. as Attorney General Stambaug, Michael McShane as the Ohio Attorney General, Paul Vincent O'Connor as Times reporter Bauer, Sam Anderson as White House Counsel Reinhart, Dave Hager as Chairman Braintree and Robin Thomas as Andrew Loesch.

"The Court" is created and executive-produced by Carol Flint. Charles Haid is co-executive producer. The series is produced by John Wells Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television. 


Hill Harper  ...  Christopher Bell
Miguel Sandoval  ...  Justice Martinez
Diahann Carroll  ...  Angela Desett
Josh Radnor  ...  Dylan Hirsch
Pat Hingle  ...  Chief Justice Townsend
Craig Bierko  ...  Harlan Brandt
Chris Sarandon  ...  Justice Vorhees
Sally Field  ...  Kate Nolan
Christina Hendricks  ...  Betsy Tyler
Nicole DeHuff  .. Alexis Cameron

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